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I did it! I finished my first triathlon

I did it! I finished my first triathlon! I am so happy and proud of myself. Finishing a triathlon was one ofView full post »

Less than a month!

As some of you may know, my first triathlon is coming up in less than a month! For those of you wondering if I feelView full post »

How I Did It and Why You Should Start

In my last post I shared with you why I started my fitness journey. After overwhelming feedback about how helpful thisView full post »

Why did I start?

That is a good question, and one that I get very often. My fitness journey began the fall of 2014. I spent all summerView full post »

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Recently I have been reading a lot of business related book and I thought that I would share my ideas/comments aboutView full post »

Wedding photographer | How to choose the right one for you?

I totally understand that choosing your wedding photographer is a very difficult task. The relationship that you haveView full post »

Wedding gift ideas

I visited last week Hometown Threads and discovered lots of wonderful wedding gift ideas. I know that it’sView full post »

Family Portrait Month

DON’T MISS OUR SPECIAL “FAMILY PORTRAIT MONTH” PROMOTION! During September Severine Photography will participate withView full post »

Basic of digital photography 2 | Shutter speed and aperture

The second part of basic of digital photography focus on shutter speed and aperture. This two are the main componentsView full post »

Basic of digital photography 1

I have been asked to teach a basic of digital photography  to a small group of people this Saturday and I thought thatView full post »

Lighting training – Rim light

A lot of people ask me how I use light on my picture. So I thought that I would share my afternoon lighting trainingView full post »

Sawgrass Bridal Show | January 2014

I am proud to announce that Severine Photography will be at the Sawgrass Bridal Show at Sawgrass Marriott. We will haveView full post »

Bridal Show – Part 3

Today we had our first show and I took lots of pictures to show you the final result. I took all of them with my cellView full post »

Bridal Show Booth – Part 2

We had our first 2014 Bridal Show today and I want to take some time to continue the serie on how to make your booth.View full post »

How to make a cheese fondue

I decided to share how to make a cheese fondue because many people asked me and I thought that a step by step tutorialView full post »

Merry Christmas! | Make your own tree

Merry Christmas!! I am so happy to spend spending Christmas with my family in Switzerland. It’s not somethingView full post »

How to download your files from PASS

As professional photographer we made the decision to use an online software called PASS to deliver our pictures. WeView full post »

Bridal Show Booth – Part 1

First time we looked on the internet about Bridal Show Booth we couldn’t find any help. We decided to share ourView full post »

Choose your favorite pictures with PASS

One of the greatest functions of PASS is the ability to create a folder with your favorite pictures. We will often askView full post »

Wedding in Venice Italy – Workshop with Yervant – Day five

I know… I am writing about day five before day four… it’s because I haven’t had any time toView full post »