About Me

My native language is French. I love pasta. I am passionate about photography. I am jealous of my sister’s blue eyes. Orange is my favourite color. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with concentration in photography. I have a cat called Naima. I miss snow. My husband is Colombian and I am Swiss. 24 is the best TV show ever. I worked 10 years as registered nurse. I love design. I want to see Asia. I see the world in color. I have a passion for Italian food. I am never bored; I always find something to do. I have a collection of magazines. I have run 3 marathons. Electronic music is the best. I am addicted to social media. I have two weimaraners named Zizou and Comet. I ski and snowboard pretty well. I should eat more vegetables. I love Florida’s weather. I am not bad at Spanish. I love flowers. I am a Jacksonville Wedding Photographer!

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