Night picture of bride and groom at the Ribault Club in Fort George
Bride and Groom in St Louis on their wedding day
Engagement session at Downtown Jacksonville with long red dress
Sunset Wedding at Epping Forest
Bride & Groom with the big tree at the Ribault Club, Fort George
Bride on a boat on the St Johns River in St Augustine
Bride and groom at sunset on a bridge in Nocatee St johns
Wedding Sunset for bride and groom at Epping Forest by the fountain
Bride and groom on the Bridge of Lions at sunset in st Augustine

Signature photographs from wedding and engagement

One of our specialties at Severine Photography is our Signature Photographs.

These photographs are meant to be masterpieces for your wall. Each piece is handpicked by you and customized to your liking. Unlike pictures taken with a basic camera or cell phone,

Signature photos require much planning, editing and modification to provide you with the ultimate masterpiece.

Take a look at some examples on this page.

On adore créer des photos que l'on appelle "Signature Photographs". Elles sont créées pour etre affichées a votre mur. Elles sont toutes differentes et faites que pour vous. Elles demandent du temps et de l'organisation. Regardez cette page pour vous donner des idées.