Luxury Elopement Photography

Choosing to elope can be one of the most romantic decisions in your life. You want to be able to capture these intimate memories with the love of your life in a way that allows you to relive these special moments over and over again. At Severine Photography, we focus on creating the magical images that you have been looking for during your elopement. We are not your generic photographers - we create dreams.

The turret at the Jekyll Island Club Resort
Portrait of the bride and groom at sunset with a light
Crane cottage wedding with the bride and groom
Jekyll Island Club Resort Faith Chapel
Couple photo with mirrors
Jekyll Island Club Resort Wedding

Why Elope?

From a Severine Bride

"I knew I wanted to elope for my whole life. It isn't that I didn't value my family and friends - but I wanted that romantic experience with just myself and my future husband. We rented a chapel, spent a few nights at the resort, and hired the absolute best photographers in Jacksonville. Overall I got everything that I knew I wanted and valued, and it was like living in a fairy tale of our own." --Danielle

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